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Winter Weather Reminders

Snow Removal
When the snow is falling, the City’s priority is to clear the roads. However, once the snow slows or stops, it allows city workers to remove some of the snow accumulated in the city. When you see heavy equipment and city workers or orange cones, please do not park near them as they are removing snow to increase access to parking and sidewalks. The City will remove snow from all public areas. Businesses with parking areas are responsible for their own snow removal, just as homeowners are. The City makes every effort to provide clean safe roads and sidewalks to our residents. Your cooperation makes our job a little easier!

Sidewalk Snow Removal
The City of Fennville uses a bobcat equipped with a snow blower to remove snow from the sidewalks throughout the City. Please note that sidewalk snow removal efforts are limited to the downtown area only during holidays and weekends in an effort to keep personnel costs down.

Please check your mail boxes to make sure they are securely fastened and all wood poles are in good condition . If a mailbox is knocked from the post by weight and force of snow as a snow plow passes, the owner is expected to put the box back on the post. However, if the box and/or post is destroyed by a city vehicle, the city will replace the mailbox with a standard mailbox or reimburse $15.00 per post and $15.00 toward the cost of residents purchase of a box, thereby restoring ability to receive mail. You must bring in the mailbox to the city office for reimbursement. If you live on Main Street, the Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for the damage to your mailbox as M-89 is considered a major highway and not a City Street.

No Parking
To allow for snow removal during the winter months, no parking is allowed on public streets, highways or alleys between the hours of 4:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M. This is in effect from November 15th through April 1st each year.